Welcome to website rasuni.com. We would like to thank you for your interest in the products we offer. Rasuni.com is strongly committed to customer satisfaction and wants to give you the highest transparancy possible concerning the use of customer information.

  1. How we use your personal information

Personal information will be collected and used if necessary within the support processing of a purchase transaction of the customer in relation to the sale of Rasuni.com products. This information includes customer name, address, payment method (i.e.: credit card number, account details), telephone number and email address.

  1. Collecting, using and deleting customer information

Personal information for identification (i.e.: name and address) and contractual notes (i.e.: order information, product selection, etc.) will only be collected and used if required for contract reasons, its content design or modification. The customer information will be deleted in the calendar year following the completion of the contractual relationship provided they are not collected and used as for usage data (customer account) or billing information or due to legal regulations. Rasuni.com may disclose information on request by authorised agents in some cases, if required for criminal proceedings.

  1. Using information in reference to non payment

Of actual references have been established, which are required to reveal as well as prevent service acquisitions by false pretences and other illegal claims of service by Rasuni.com, Rasuni.com is entitled to collect and use personal information to enforce their own demands.